We install HoofGrid (also known as VersiGrid)! The ultimate solution to your footing needs around your property. We are flexible and will work with you, starting from an aerial diagram that we can change to accomodate your needs. Tired of the mud in your turn outs or paddocks? We install to insure you will never have future problems. You'll find below our installation process.

Digging out the sub-grade to suitable ground to build off of and compacting, in these photos we had to dig extra to insure a good base.

Next would come spreading 5/8 Clean Rock, compacting, installing the HoofGrid and running the compactor across to insure its "seated" into the rock. Once that is done we fill the grid with Pea-Gravel and compact once again. Quite the process!

Once the final layer is placed and compacted we put the final touches on! We grade out the perimeter to blend into the existing grade, and insure everything will drain properly.

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