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What's the process of building a home?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

A lot of people get confused on the process of building a home and underestimate the time, energy and funds associated with it.

Especially now, dealing with your local agencies, counties and cities, it can be very overwhelming. This is why we provide in-house permitting with designated technicians.

As far as the step by step process it is as follows.

1. Picking your house/structure

2. Having a feasibility study done (we provide this) to go over possible locations of desired location. This includes utility locatons, if a water well is needed, power supply, gas, communications etc.

3. Submiting a permit application to your city or county.

4. Upon approval of location, it will be submitted to engineering (drainage calculations, fire blocking, wind and snow loads, etc)

5. Surveying the land and structure points

6. Once permitting is cleared the work can begin

7. Excavation work, clearing of land, demolition of previous buildings, etc. It varies from job to job, but keep in mind excavation work may be costly. You never know the condition of the land until it starts being dug up. (We've found everything from an old garbage dump site, leaking oil tanks, remains of old farm animals, buried concrete and debris.

8. Once excavation is complete, and the foundation is built construction can start.

9. Upon completion of either framing or foundation, the utilities can be routed in, drainage can be installed, septic or sewer can be completed and a rough grade established.

10. Once all the other subs are gone, the excavation team will come back for a final grade out which includes prepping for landscaping. (additional french drains, rock walls, final driveway product will also be completed as needed)

11. Once landscaping is completed the final inspection can occur and occupancy is awarded.

For more information, give us a call at 360 348 5797 and see how we can help you!

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