Utilities and Pipe Work

If you're needing water, gas, power, communication, sewer/storm we can help.

We come across and fix a lot of piping not installed correctly, and catch a lot of early signs of failure. The price may be right from a contractor but the installation procedures aren't always right which will end up costing you in the long run!

It's hard to see putting the time, effort in money in things you'll never see but they are one of the most important things on the job and should be installed the right way, no matter the circumstances.

Below is Power, Propane Gas and Water being installed on one of our projects. A wide trench is provided to maintain one foot of separation from each pipe

A local fence company drilled and hit a 6inch drain line that flows a lot of water, we had it dug up and fixed within hours of the call. Good thing as we had a bad storm that night!

On the left you will find a storm catch basin being installed in the street up against a fiber communication bank on mercer island. Tight digging!

And on the right a side sewer tap being installed on a sewer main, notice the trench boxes supporting the walls so our workers can work safe!

If you're needing utility work and it looks something like this picture below, i wouldn't expect a cheap estimate or easy work order. Live utilities in the way make for a difficult time. In instances like these, digging with an excavator is almost impossible. Hand digging around these would most likely happen or of the help of a hydroexcavation truck which is also shown below.

If you have locating of utilities done yourself, mark out the perimeter of excavation with white paint, usually with arrows pointing in the direction.

Call 811 with your information and within 2 days you will have everything marked out.

Red - Power

Orange - Communication/Fiber/Cable/Internet

Blue - Water Service/Water Main

Green - Sewer/Septic

Purple (sometimes blue) - Storm/Drain

Yellow - Gas Service/Gas Main

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